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French Posters

Art in Advertising


Portfolio Prep

Art Critique Skill


Hand Lettering

Cursive Writing

Graphic Design

Figure Drawing

Still Life





Exhibit Design

Sign Painting


Block Printing

Paper Making

Classes Offered 

Concept Sketching

Character Design

Principals Animation


Storyboard Design

If you're interested in learning a new skill or improving your existing ones, join me for one of my hands-on workshops. My format includes carefully-crafted lesson plans, a clear timeline, work sheets and templates to guide you through the project. I teach both beginners and advanced students, and focus on providing practical problem-solving skills that will help you in all aspects of your creative endeavors.


My workshops are structured to accommodate all skill levels, so you don't have to be an expert to come and learn. I provide an assortment of tools and materials to guide your creative journey, along with technique guides, and personalized tips to help you develop your skills. My workshops are perfect for left-handed friends as well, and beginners are always welcome. Come join me and let's create something amazing together. 

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