My Story

Patty Berns

My passions are graphic design, hand lettering and teaching.

Soon after earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Walt Disney's school, CalArts in Art and Design; I began my career at Image West Ltd Video Animation Hollywood where I designed storyboards and created hand drawn graphics for video special effects.

At MCA Records, I worked in publicity, promoting recording artists: Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle, George Strait, Danny Elfman and many more. At Universal and Sony Pictures; I created hand lettering and designed their popular movie poster promotions along with full-page magazine print-advertisements.

I have created and composed hand drawn logos. And for the Montecito Inn of Santa Barbara; I created illustrations and advertising publicity, as I playfully touted their luxurious hotel amenities.  

In addition, as my boys grew up; I taught art in the public schools for 25 years. I continue to enjoy teaching the calligraphy and hand lettering technique as I host exciting art workshop events. My passion is to teach problem solving skills and to encourage creativity. Thank you for visiting my website!

Patty Berns

Patty Berns Art