My Story

I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art and Design at CalArts, aka California Institute of the Arts, founded by Walt Disney. After graduation, my graphic design career began at Image West Video Animation Hollywood as principal assistant to the four directors providing me the opportunity to design original hand drawn graphics and create storyboards. 

At MCA Records and Universal Pictures, I worked in the publicity division promoting recording artists and creating movie posters with my illustrations and hand lettering for CD labels and print ads. I grew to open my own graphic design studio and began to build my clientele creating hand drawn logos, original hand lettering, illustrations, magazine ads and billboards.


When my boys were young, I began my love of teaching art workshops to both children and adults and have done so for 25 years. I enjoy teaching the technique of calligraphy, hand lettering and creative problem-solving skills. ~ Patty Berns

Patty Berns Art Workshops

Patty Berns Art