Beginners Calligraphy: Learn the method of drawing the classic Copperplate Calligraphy and proper handling of tools. Compose words, sentences and good spacing. Develop your lay-out and design techniques to build a successful composition. 

Advanced Calligraphy: Build on the method of drawing the classic Copperplate Calligraphy. Learn how to compose flourishes, shadows and embellishments. Compose statements and compositions. Develop successful design techniques. 

Beginners & Advanced students: I provide individual guidance and problem-solving strategies. Each workshop produces a feature frame-worthy project. Discover and build on your own unique calligraphy style. All skill levels and left-handed friends are welcome. Tools, guides and refreshments are provided. No experience necessary for beginners, just a desire to learn.

Patty Berns Art Workshops

Patty Berns Art